239,500 sf on 39 acres

Whitsett, NC

$14 million investment

In 2008, Precor, Inc., made the decision to relocate the Strength Division from California to the southeastern region of the United States.

Precor’s relocation objectives were to:

  • Consolidate office and manufacturing locations,
  • Leased facility to free up capital for capital reinvestment
  • Add capabilities and capacity currently outsourced
  • Relocate near an available, better trained, and more affordable labor pool
  • Capitalize on legacy suppliers from the textile & furniture industry
  • Better logistics – eastern seaboard – closer to Europe as well as 70% of US customers
  • A LEED certified “green” building
  • Occupancy of the building 18 months after developer selection

After an extensive evaluation of 16 sites and numerous developers, Precor ultimately awarded the project to our team at Rock Creek Center in Whitsett, North Carolina.

The Development Team designed a 239,500 square foot, cross-docked, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, with 100k sf for expansion. This design included 25,000 SF of office space “inside the box” to serve as the division HQ.

Precor achieved and surpassed its goals for this relocation project and continues to thrive in Rock Creek Center today.